IMG_0838Professional: I am a senior at Michigan State University double majoring in History Education and Social Science Education with a minor in Teaching English. I have worked at two golf courses, Forest Akers and Michigan State as well as Village Green of Mundelein. Here, I’ve done everything from washing golf carts to landscaping to bartending. At these places, I’ve met incredible people who taught me how much a simple conversation or gesture can lighten up someone’s day. I’ve also seen what it means for people to work hard to support themselves and their families. I hope to have the same work ethic as they do when I teach my classroom. My most meaningful work has been in coaching. I have coached two adolescent baseball teams, where I have been inspired by their eagerness to improve. After coaching two teams and watching kids improve and succeed, I know teaching is the profession I want to do. Whenever I see youth eager to grow, whether it is cognitively or personally, their passion to do new things motivates me.

Personal: I am from a suburb 40 minutes outside of Chicago in a town called Libertyville. I love watching and playing sports, especially soccer and baseball. I enjoy theater, reading and watching historical dramas or documentaries, and occasionally strumming a flamenco guitar. I believe education is what truly allows an individual to fulfill his or her potential, and my goal is to be the teacher that maximizes their potential.

If I could live in any time period other than today, I would pick Palestine in the middle of the Crusader Era or the Belle Epoque period right before WWI. The Middle East during the 11th, 12th, and 13th centuries underwent a huge clash of cultures, religions, and ideas . It would be incredible to see how people lived in a time where European society was transplanted onto a foreign landscape and where Middle Eastern cultures were forced to deal with a new people. Witnessing how the two got along would be so interesting. It’s hard to choose between that and the era of the fully industrialized society, Impressionist art, nation building, bowler hats, and the emerging professional sports.